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Night of Full Moon – Contract of Soul cd key free

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About Night of Full Moon – Contract of Soul steam key free

【Sickle gleams with silver light, exchange soul with soul hunter】

一:New role-soul hunter
Soul hunter is added as a new role under the classic mode—the quiet and taciturn Little Red-hood, secret forces and a brand-new mechanic.
Sign a contract with Death. Do you dare?

二:New role-Ranger
Ranger is newly added as a reset role under the Little Red-Hood Diary mode. Players having unlocked the Little Red-Hood Diary will be able to unlock this new role for free.

三:Big change to Little Red-Hood Diary

>>>Hard 1-5 is added for Little Red-Hood Diary mode. The increasing hard level will bring greater challenges to card masters

>>>Little Red-Hood Diary will get extra ability cards dropped after defeating the monster under the hard mode. Ability cards can be divided into such 3 types as giving exploring skills, giving initial blessing or special card.
After getting an ability card, the player can use it by equipping it in corresponding ability bar in new adventure preparation stage. The ability bar will be unlocked after clearing the first 3 stages in hard mode.

>>>A skip button is added for the normal mode, which allows to skip current monster and restore some blood volume with the price of missing the gift from the monster.
It should be noted that you cannot skip the Elites and Boss since they guard the major routes of various areas.

>>>Little Red-Hood Diary extends the gaming procedure of hard mode. Comparing with normal mode, it has more monsters and events.
Now, you have more chances to form your own deck and enjoy the infinite pleasure brought by an infinite deck.

>>>In hard mode, you will not get fixed initial deck and equipment at the very beginning. You need to start new adventures with a set of universal cards after selecting cards for 2 times.

四:New monsters
Butterfly Guard, Portrait, Primeape, Lady bush, Moonkin Prophet...you will meet over 10 new monsters in further exploration of the castle. There are two new Bosses: cyclops giant and Donkey-eared King, who are especially tough to tackle with. Danger!

五:New cards
Over 100 cards are added for the new version (the Soul Hunter under classic mode and Ranger under Little Red Hood Diary mode), bringing new experiences for card masters.

六:New events
6 events are newly added. Your choice matters.

七:New scenarios
2 brand-new scenarios are newly added. Follow the black swan to explore unknown areas with the Little Red Hood.

八:New plots
In the last version, the secret Black Swan took the young carpenter with it, and the Little Red Hood went on the cause of finding the young carpenter. This time, she heads toward the deeper place of the castle. What awaits her?

九: New contents added for Memory Puzzle-without charging more
New puzzles are added for Memory Puzzle. Wait, why are they different with previous puzzle? The method of clearing the stage before no longer works?

十:Experience Optimization

>>>Efforts have been paid to make it easier for players to construct decks.

>>>Optimization of blessing
1:Adjust the copy effect of blessing [Magic Statue] to copy 1 card.
2:Adjust the effect of blessing [Make the Same] to copy 1 card to the deck.
3:Delete blessing [Telescope].
4:Adjust the effect of blessing [Mirror Illusion] to add an extra Prank card.
5:Adjust the effect of blessing [Bloodletting] to reduce maximum health.
6:Adjust the maximum health to be reduced with blessing [Heavy Treasure Box] from 5 to 8
7:Adjust the effect of blessing [Swiftness] to last for 1 turn.
8:Blessing [Forbidden Enchantment] Equipment slot gained-1
9:Blessing [Jeweled Dagger] is removed from the blessing pool.
10:Blessing [Anger Aroused] Change more effectable to rage amount gained in each turn +1

>>>Optimization of Monsters
1:Monster [Sword in Stone] Adjust to could not be met by Ranger. Card masters who farm for gold could give up.
2:Monster [Bear Mage] Weaken deck strength
3:Monster [Demoness] Add exile effect for interfere card in the deck.
4:Monster [Rat King] No Survival Boat before grade 3.
5:Monster [Wolf King] Adjust the deck to make it more consistent with the characteristics of the role of Wolf King
6:Monster [Grandma] Reduce the amount of deck.
7:The hypnotizing effect of [Sleepless Sheep] and [Hypnotist] are weakened to exile, enemy lose 2 actions

>>>Optimization of cards
1:Card [Quick Memory] Apothecary, Knight and Magician could not get.
2:Interfere cards like [Freeze, Drained] could be discarded from cards in your hand at the end of a turn.
3:The effect triggered when [Sleeping Wind Knight] and Blessing [Toy box] are interconnected is adjust from generate 2 equipment to generate 1equipment, turn to wind knight and then make the wind knight deal damage.
4:Card [Float] cannot trigger yourself.
5:Card [Toy Spear] Reduce the value by 2 points.
6:Card [Heavy Fog] Reduce the number of turns for which it can last to 1; increase the dodging rate by 10%.
7:Card [Hemorrhage] Action can not be restored.
8:Card [Hunger] Add the attribute of a card can be drawn.
9:Adjust the double effect of [Bard] to wont last for the entire fight
10:Card [Echo] Decrease +1
11:Change [Awaiting Orders] and [Feint] to action card with 0 decrease to make them more suitable for Rangers.

>>>Optimization of events
1:Event [Peris Whisper] is removed temporarily.
2:The exchange times of event [Card Collector] is reduced by one; the rate of giving good card is increased.

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: Windows7,Windows10
  • Processor: 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 2000 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 1Gb Video Memory, capable of OpenGL 3.0+ support (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable)
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2000 MB available space
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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